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Sry. I know this is gonna be abit Long,ya. But, continue to read on :D. It will surely help u :)

So, yea efore I attended MRS Chua's tuition, my results for MATH, the subject I am not interested in :(, actually rose to An "A" for PSLE,2016.(????) Although it's not a HIGH "A", but I actually roses from a merely-passed-results(50-60) to A(70-80)!!! OMGGG.???????????? Awesome skillz, isn't it? Although my understanding for science is average and scores about 60-65 for SAs n exams for my school, I actually got an "HIGH. A" for prelims n An "A" for PSLE!! I didn't expect myself to rlly get As for these subjects, only expecting 65 n above. But I did it :D!!! The results I've gotten is certainly much more than I expected. I always appreciated Mrs chua's teaching n patience.???????????????????????? She tries to get us to remember the techniques n tips to remember the object n it's function etc. For example, the sequence of the xylem's n phloem's place in othe plants. For example, POXI .(Phloem outside, Xylem inside)!!!

She is just like our friend, who teaches us n helps us to improve on our studies. ???????????? If u r free, you can actually go to her house n have a tuition or catch up for ur studies with her after arranging a meeting.???? She is a rlly gr8 teacher who dedicates her time to her students :D. Although she might NOT be fierce, but she certainly motivates and help the lazy me n the fellow students to strive for their very best :D I ALWAYS wanted to say this, THANK YOU MRS CHUA, FOR UR HARDWORK :D THANK YOU SO MUCHHH ????????????????????????:DDD

"Gongshang primary school (2016<3)"
Posted By: Yee suen :D
A girl who is so NOT Interested in MATH n SCIENCE
I used to have a phobia of mathematics. I used to be lacking in confidence and struggled with mathematics, often scoring F9s. However Mr Chua gave me the confidence and belief that I could do mathematics and moreover helped me understand the maths questions and guided me allowing me to solve the maths questions. He clarified my doubts and also encouraged me to find the most efficient way to solve the problem. His teaching was clear, succinct and easy to follow. He also enabled me to improve my grades significantly for mathematics. I thank Mr Chua for his guidance and support which helped me achieve an B3 for mathematics in the 'O' levels. He also gave me advice and valuable life lessons that I treasure. He is a caring and dedicated teacher that goes the extra mile for his students.
Posted By: Sundar Palaniappan
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School (2016)
I've never had a tuition teacher like Mr Chua. Mr Chua is fun-loving and his passion and dedication towards helping all of his students to achieve their desired results was way beyond any tuition teacher I've ever seen.

I came to Mr Chua on March of 2015 when I was in Sec 3 and started taking A Math. Math was never my forte. I have been failing all my common test during the first 2 months of my Sec 3 life... So a friend of mine recommended Mr Chua to me and praising him for being a very good teacher.

I decided to give Mr Chua's tuition a try and surprisingly, my result was improving consistently. I started passing my tests and could finally see a B for my A Math. However, this could not have been made possible without Mr Chua's dedicated teaching and his patience towards me. His teaching was clear, precise and he gives detailed explanations to all the math questions. He would ensure that I'm clear of the concepts behind the questions instead of just knowing how to solve the question in front of me, as to ensure I can solve any similar questions in the future.

Through all the hardwork that Mr Chua have put in, and the tons of encouragement that he has given me after every little tests, I've finally achieve a distinction for my A math in O level. From F9 to a distinction, it would not be possible without Mr Chua. Thank you Mr Chua, you're the best tutor anyone could ever have. Glad to have you as my tutor....
Posted By: Elson Chua
Firstly, i would like to thank Mr Chua for 4years of teaching! He is a patient and caring teacher. Even though he teaches only maths, but he will also care about my other subjects and gave me tips on what should i do. From sec 1 to sec 4, because of him, i managed to get a1 for most of my end of year. From sec 3 onwards... i took Additional Maths but i did not managed to catch up with the topics thus, i failed all tests throughout sec 3. Then Mr Chua and i over the holidays recapped the previous topics all over again and because of him, my N level AMaths achieved A2! Thank you Mr Chua
Posted By: Ranen
Mr Chua is a patient and dedicated teacher. He always ensure that his students understand the first few steps to solving a question before moving on subsequently.

In addition, he makes the effort to understand how we are progressing in school. He would always analyse our mistakes during tests & examinations and show us how we can improve on it in order to attain a better score the next time round.

All in all, I've benefitted greatly from his teaching & would strongly recommend students who require assistance in Mathematics to approach Mr Chua! :)
Posted By: Tricia Ng Shi Yun
Pasir Ris Secondary School ( 2016 )
You would rarely be able to find a teacher like Mr Chua. Patient, caring, and supportive, he never fails to bring out the best in his students. I first joined his tuition back in the end of 2013, when I was a Sec 1 student. Maths then, was my weakest subject. However, through his step by step teaching, and clear and concise explanations, I improved slowly.
Mr Chua has a very neat handwriting, which makes teaching on the whiteboard a breeze for his students. He is very meticulous. One example is that he would collect back his students' homework and look through their workings, and then point out all the tiny little mistakes such as presentation, handwriting, careless mistakes, and more. His explanations for our doubts is very clear and simple. He would always make sure that his students understood the concept before he moved on. Even on Whatsapp when his students sent him questions, he would always try his best to phrase his words and workings in such a way that it is easy for his students to understand. During the O Level period, he hand-made notes for his students. He diligently went through the Ten Year Series and past year school papers, trying to spot patterns and questions that could possibly come out.
I had a lot of worries. I was worried that I would not be able to take up Amaths in Sec 3. I was worried that I would not score well for O Levels. I was worried about my class and level ranking. I was worried about everything as a whole. I had very low expectations for myself. But for Mr Chua, he always believed that I would be able to succeed and do well. He never once gave up on me. Whenever I told him about my worries, he was always there to listen to me and give me advice and suggestions to motivate and encourage me.
For Prelim 1, my Emaths was a B4 and my Amaths was a D7. For Prelim 2, my Emaths an E8 and my Amaths was a C5. For 2016 O Levels, my Emaths and Amaths were both A2. This would not have been possible without all the help from Mr Chua. He really pushed me to my maximum and filled me with motivation and confidence.
As I look back on the past 4 years of my Sec School journey. I can confidently say that Mr Chua is one of few that has made a big change and impact in my Sec School life. Mr Chua is a teacher that goes beyond his call of duty. He is a teacher that teaches not with his mind, but with his heart. He certainly does not teach justbecause it is his job to teach.
Posted By: Phyllis Pang
Temasek Secondary School (Graduated in 2016)
Mr Chua is an extremely awesome math teacher as he teaches us not just how to do math, but also how certain formulas or methods came about and why they were derived this way. Thus, this form of teaching helped me understand math on a deeper level as it negates the need for me to memorize unnecessary information as I understand how certain formulas are derived. Mr Chua explains every detail that is needed and ensures that his students are given the information that they need for their exams. He is kind and gives a feeling of warmth to his students and thus I can feel free to ask him questions on whatsapp anytime. In addition, he is a caring teacher and cares not only for his students' math results, but also their results for other subjects and also guides us on our future path and advices us on the future choices that we should make ( eg poly or jc) .
Posted By: Chua Yee Khai
From Pasir Ris Secondary School
Mr Chua is a great and understanding teacher and helped me in improving my math. I didn't like mathematics since young and got borderline results for my math. When I attended mr Chua's lesson, he was patient and explained to me what I was doing wrong and corrected me. Now I enjoy doing math and my results improved tremendously from a C6 to a A2 in my N level math. Thanks mr Chua!
Posted By: Kokhow
I entered the tuition with grades of F9 for Additional Mathematics and I had to take a test which will determine whether I will continue with Amaths and in less than one month, Mr Chua guided me and lead me to a pass!
Every lesson, Mr Chua will encourage his students on not giving up and staying optimistic despite facing setbacks or challenges. He will chat with us about school and goals and also share his experiences. He will also make sure that we understand well from his teachings and he will repeat himself or pay more attention to topics which we are unclear of. He provided some tips and foresight of exam questions too:) With all that, I made it from F9 to A2 in one year:)
Thank you Mr Chua!
Posted By: Joyce
Mr Chua is a patient, caring and understanding teacher. He helped me to regain confidence in my Additional Mathematics by going through any topics that i was unsure of. His explainations were very clear, easy to understand and interactive! He strongly believes in steady improvements which enables students to be more confident in picking themselves back up even after failing. I would strongly and personally recommend attending his lessons!

I was once a failing student, with F9s for my major examinations. But with him, i was encouraged and inspired to regain my confidence in my Additional Mathematics and finally passed my Os. It was a big jump in grades! I know without Mr Chua, i would not have done it. Thank you!! You are the best Teacher anyone can ask for!
Posted By: Kelvin Koh
Secondary 4 of East Spring Sec

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