Mr Chua Wee Chong

Graduated from NTU with a 2nd class (lower) honours degree in Engineering (Civil)

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Mdm Chong Chee Sia

Graduated from NTU with a 2nd class (lower) honours degree in Business.

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At Weechong Tuition Service, we look into the learning needs of individual student. What have contributed to the learning differences among our students? Are our tutors capable of handling the learning differences of our students?

Each tuition class is usually made up of students from various schools. We can anticipate the possibility of students in the same tuition class to be learning different topics in their schools. A scenario such as a Secondary 4 Additional Mathematics tuition class which consists of 3 students learning a different topic in school is common. Student A could be learning Further Trigonometry and Student B is picking up Basic Differentiation techniques while Student C is dealing with Plane Geometry. As each school has its own topic sequence these days, our tutors must be well-prepared to handle situations similar to the one mentioned here. For a group of 3 students in a tuition class, the tutor will be able to cater to the learning needs of every student in the class.

Parents may ask, “Wouldn’t a 1-to-1 tuition a better option for my child?” This may not be the case, because for small group tuition, every student has the opportunities to clarify his or her doubts of a topic and at the same time participate in useful discussions. Thus, this allows the students to learn from one another in areas such as presentation of a mathematical solution.

Our tutors’ challenges do not stop at the different topics taught in schools. We have to look out for students who need more encouragement on this learning journey. While for those who travel on the fast lane, we must unleash their potential by posting them with more challenging questions.

Students’ positive attitude in learning, their perseverance, and the effort they put in are key ingredients for their results. Our tutors play a role as a coach to train, provide strategies to overcome examinations and cheer our students on till the finishing line.


Are there lessons on Public Holidays?

There will be no lessons on public holidays, for example, Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc.

When is the due date for payment of tuition fee?

Tuition fee is due at the end of each month.

Are there lessons during School holidays?

Lessons will continue as per normal during the school holidays of June and December.

Are there free consultation lessons given?

Free extra lessons may be given to students who need more time to clarify their doubts from time to time.

What is the withdrawal procedure?

A student may withdraw from a tuition class by giving notice before his or her next lesson.

Can my child join in the middle of a month?

Yes. Students can enroll at any point of time as long as there are vacancies.