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For those months with 5 lessons, the tuition fee will be pro-rated accordingly.
Tuition fee is due at the end of each month.
Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Thank you.
A material fee is required for every student upon signing up. Material fee is also applicable when a student crosses over to the next level or sign up for a new subject. Please give us a call or email to find out more about the material fee. There is no registration fee and deposit is not required.
The tutor will try to arrange for a replacement lesson where possible so that your child can continue to clear his or her doubts in a topic. However, if no replacement lesson is conducted, you do not have to pay for the lesson missed.
Free extra lessons may be given to students who need more time to clarify their doubts from time to time.
Our lessons are conducted based on the latest MOE syllabus.
A student may withdraw from a tuition class by giving notice before his or her next lesson.
The maximum class size is 3 students.
Lessons will continue as per normal during the school holidays of June and December.
There will be no lessons on public holidays, for example, Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc.
Yes. Students can enroll at any point of time as long as there are vacancies.
Yes, every student must achieve a minimum attendance of 75%.
Weechong Tuition Service is registered with the ACRA. Our business registration number is 53217972B.